Pagliai's Pizza & Italian Restaurant 970 Chestnut Street ~ Murray, KY
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History of Pagliai's Pizza

Pagliaiís (pronounced Polly-Eyes) is truly a family restaurant with more than high chairs and coloring sheets. We offer a free indoor playpark and two game rooms for people of all ages. The Pagliaiís family is originally from Italy and the recipes for our sauces, dough and meats are all truly Italian. Many of our competitors say they have the best food products but we know that their dough may have come on a truck and that it is several days old or frozen. Many use canned mushrooms and dehydrated vegetables. Most use frozen packaged meat that are available at any grocery store. Compare our dough made daily, fresh ground beef sirloin, fresh ground Boston butts for Italian sausage and our fresh sliced vegetables and mushrooms.

Pagliaiís Pizza and Italian Restaurant is a unique restaurant for all ages. We offer a complete menu and a complete buffet with pizza, pasta, salad bar and other local favorites tailored towards the entire family, including our younger patrons and adults.

Italy has been influential in the recipes we use. These recipes have been used for generations in America and in Europe and originally used by the Pagliai for family meals and later extended to be used for commercial use. Our cheeses come from a Wisconsin based Italian family that specializes in Italian cheeses. They contract with local farmers to purchase all of their milk and guarantee the farmer a set profit. To assure that they get the best quality milk to make the best cheese each and every day the farmer is required to feed their cows a special diet every day. Everyone benefits, the farmer, manufacturer, restaurant and you the public.

Our tomato products are produced by an Italian family in California that owns the land, crop, equipment and the manufacturing plant. They guarantee no concentrated tomato products and all the tomato crop is canned within 24 hours of picking. Their guarantee is that everything is always fresh. The proof is in the taste! Many of our competitors use concentrated tomato products. This is process where the juices are removed producing a sludge. The sludge is shipped to be reconstituted with water, not tomato juice. We spice their fresh tomato products with our special recipes to give you a true Italian taste.

All of our dough is made fresh daily with the best flour we can buy. We cook on brick with 600 to 650 degree gas heat to assure the taste of old country cooking. In summary, our freshly spiced sauce, our excellent cheeses, quality meats, fresh vegetables, and brick ovens we truly make a pizza that no one else in the area offers or can match. Quality is the key to all of our products with a taste that conveyor ovens can never match. Our ovens cook slow and more evenly to give you a cracker style crust that is firm and crunchy.